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As February Fades Away…..


It is that time of year for a quiet night to be shattered by the sound of coughing and hacking. It is miserable when you are trying to sleep and have it constantly interrupted with that pesky congestive cough. And as I pulled out my oil to help with my own “sniffling” I thought that I needed to pass this info along to you…

I know as we are nearing the end of February we are all tired of this…..let’s face it, by this time we have all swapped all the grocery cart germs we have picked up with all our friends and family. So let me help you out with something soooo simple, I am sure you will doubt me, but it works.

Use 4-6 drops of oil (I love the Young’s Living Oil RC blend…it contains 4 different eucalyptus oils, peppermint and lavendar). But in a pinch….use Eucalyptus oil, straight
fron the bottle. Rub the oil on the soles of your feet and cover with socks. It is amazing what a difference this can make!!
This is great for the hacking son, the asthma-y dry coughing grandma, and just those sniffly coughing little ones……. it works for a wide ranges of ages and coughs.
I am not a doctor….I don’t know exactly why it works……I just know it has made a huge difference around our house.
Just wanted to share with all of you!!! And as part of my work to provide great services and products for my clients….I will be offering Young’s Living Oils as part of my practice soon. So if any of you are interested in any of the oils….please let me know!!!

Don’t forget to take some time to care for yourself this week… emply tank goes no where!!! I didn’t take my own advice this week and I am paying for it today….so know that self care is so important to allow you the energy and clarity to care for those around you.
Have an awesome week!!!!!